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When you are looking for an apartment, you should keep in mind which amenities are most important for your lifestyle.

This will be your home for months and even years to come. What will make it more pleasant, and what isn’t worth any extra rental dollars?

For owners and developers, it is important to know which amenities will give the most return on their investment. Whether you are designing a new apartment complex or renovating an existing one, it pays to stay up on the trends. Some amenities, such as a pool, require not only an initial allocation of space and expense to build but significant ongoing maintenance. Others can be installed at little initial or ongoing cost. Some can even save a landlord money and time.

Which amenities are valued most by renters also depends on their age group and lifestyle. Is it a family-friendly building? Is it in a college market? Is it best for retired, empty-nest renters?



  1. Elevators with generator back up.
  2. Generators back up for common lights in
    parking, stair case and water pump.
  3. Intercom facility for security.
  4. Individual name plates and letter box.
  5. Rain water harvesting.
  6. Solar water heating system.
  7. Attractive and decorative entrance lobby.
  8. Vermiculture system for garbage disposal.
  9. Fire fighting system.
  10. AC Gymnasium.
  11. Well designed land-scaped garden.
  12. Club house.
  13. Swimming pool.